Having never created a film, or interviewed people, or used Adobe Premiere (much less Soundbooth!), I collected some snippets here and there throughout 2012 – usually on windy launches. As the November 30 deadline for the film festival loomed, I realized that even though I had an idea, I didn’t have enough material. One last flyable day in November provided both great flying and several wonderful interviews. In mid-November I started looking at the footage and installed Adobe Premiere. Over the Thanksgiving holiday I brought along the iMac and installed myself in our cousin’s office during our visit. There I learned Premiere and created We Are Pilots.

In 2013 my goal was to collect more interviews (with better audio – I bought a microphone and vowed never to launch Soundbooth again!) and film more women in-flight, but I also wanted to fly XC. So the camera was rarely brought out of the bag (and when I flew with it I almost always discovered the battery had died before the flight was even half over). Despite having almost no new material, all the women I spoke to about the project were eager to help and figured out how to do their own interviews (with friends, partners, and even solo) and sent in photos and videos. The visuals were augmented by many other photographers and pilots who generously allowed me to use their footage. The result is We Are Pilots.two – to be posted here in January 2014.

2011 – NorCal Free Flight Film Festival inspires Julie to buy a GoPro and submit a film in the next festival

2012 – In November, Julie finally collects enough footage and spends the last week of the month learning Premiere (and Soundbooth, since the audio has a ton of noise) and creating We Are Pilots. (one). December 15 the film premieres and the audience approves.

2013 – Julie fails to do much filming, since she’s busy flying (taking first in the Women’s division of the two competitions she enters; flying personal best XC flights each time). Fortunately the paragliding community provides tons of great footage and support and she spends the Christmas break refreshing her editing skills and putting together We Are Pilots.two

2014 – The trailer for We Are Pilots.two is shown in January at the NorCal Free Flight Film Festival (since the film, even as a trilogy, exceeds the length guideline).

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