We Are Pilots.Two – Part II “Follow Me…”

This is Part II of the trilogy continuing the story where We Are Pilots. left off. In We Are Pilots.Two Part I we were introduced to XC (cross country) paragliding – what it is and why we do it.

We Are Pilots.Two Part II gives a peek into how to get started going XC.

Conceived and created by Julie Spiegler, with tons of support and additional footage from the paragliding community.

Becca Bredehoft
Becky Brim
Dawn Westrum
Donneta Grizzell
Kari Castle
Julie Spiegler
Magali L. Legault
Nikole Neal
Susan Kent
Everyone at Kari’s 2012 Women with Wings Clinic

Video and Photos by:
Becca Bredehoft (http://rebeccabredehoft.com)
Becky Brim
Dawn Westrum
Isabel Ledesma
Julie Spiegler
Kari Castle
Loren Cox (http://flickr.com/photos/skivvie)
Michelle Zeidman
Nikole Neal
Rat Race PG (http://mphsports.com)
Terri Olsen
Tim O’Neill

Music by:
Teru – Plunktrack, licensed under Creative Commons BY 3.0 through ccMixter

Thanks everyone!

Specific content credits can be found here: Credits

2 thoughts on “We Are Pilots.Two – Part II “Follow Me…””

  1. Dear All,
    I find this ladies amazing. I started a p2 course here in Turkey (Oludeniz) and this movie tripled my motivation.
    It would be great thing to see more from this pilots in the near future.
    I wish to be able to fly XC as well and share this priviledge as well.

    Safe flights and happy landings

    Oliver Njoku

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