We Are Pilots.

The original We Are Pilots. film. Also known as We Are Pilots.one – some of the stories of women who fly.

We Are Pilots.
Amy Posey
Angelique Kamara
Ann Sasaki
Anna Kay von Dueszeln
Christel Cherry
Deb Vosevich
Denise Reed
Donneta Grizzell
Julie Spiegler
Julie Williams
Karen Holtemann
Kari Castle
Kim Galvin
Lori Dirks
Lori Fitzgerald
Magali L. Legault
Margaret Williams
Mayumi Honda
Melanie Pfister
Nikole (Sklavos) Neal
Pam Nichols
Patricia Hopper
Susan Kent

Video and Photos by:
Bob & Amy Posey
Drew McNabb
Jesse Meyer
Julie Spiegler

Music licensed under Creative Commons through Free Music Archive :
Risey – Memories of Thailand (Beat Doctor’s ‘stuck in Britain’ remix)
Possimiste – The Flight of Lulu
Broke for Free – Something Elated

Conceived and created by Julie Spiegler.

Thanks everyone!

Specific content credits can be found here: Credits

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